a service for multi-site companies

Creating transparency for you.

Do you receive lots of bills for the energy and other facilities you use? Do you find that checking
and processing these bills is a drain on your time?

There is a better way. By investing in Multi Energy Billing from EBM, you can benefit from our extensive expertise in energy matters. We record, check, settle and evaluate all the bills you receive for all your locations.

We help you see through the complex mass of data, show you where you can cut costs and provide valuable information that your accountants, controllers, purchasers, environmental managers and executives can use in their decision-making.

How Multi Energy Billing works

Energy and financial data are centrally recorded, checked, sorted and presented in an easy-to-understand form.

In the event of faults or power cuts please contact:

EBM network area +41 61 415 41 41

AVAG network area +41 62 205 56 56