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New subsidies to boost energy efficiency

Groupe E Greenwatt and EBM are to continue their Swiss Energy Efficiency Auction, a subsidy scheme for Swiss businesses and corporations that want to use less electricity. To this end, the two companies are to receive government funding in the amount of CHF 1.3 million over three years. The scheme, which is intended to deliver savings equating to the annual consumption of 1,000 households, is open to applications from interested companies as of today.

After supporting 90 entrants in the Swiss Energy Efficiency Auction 2017 (SEA17) last year, Groupe E Greenwatt and EBM are to run the scheme once again for what will be the third time.

The subsidy programme is designed for Swiss businesses and corporations that are regarded as large-scale consumers and allows them to save up to 5 GWh per year between them, enough to power 1,000 homes. The scheme is geared towards encouraging energy efficiency measures that have been rated as cost-effective and that the companies plan and implement after signing an agreement on objectives, making commitments based on an energy audit.

In the scheme’s first phase, potential ways to increase energy efficiency at the participating businesses and corporations are identified during their site audits. Participants will then have a chance to secure financial subsidies for implementing these measures at an auction on 4 December 2018. The final phase serves to review how much electricity the various measures have saved. Experts in energy efficiency will be on hand to support participating companies throughout the course of the scheme.

A tangible contribution to the energy transition

The subsidies are allocated at auction based on the cost/benefit ratio of the energy efficiency measures planned, which relate primarily to lighting, ventilation, pumps, engines and motors as well as industrial processes. The funds released at the Swiss Energy Efficiency Auction 2018 enable the companies receiving them to cut costs while also making a tangible contribution to the energy transition.

The Swiss Energy Efficiency Auction 2018 is being supported financially by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy’s ProKilowatt scheme, with the federal government putting in CHF 1.3 million. Businesses and corporations interested in taking part will have to prove that they would be unable to undertake their project without financial help.

A tried-and-tested model

This type of scheme has already proved successful several times. For instance, the Tygr-Ench programme that Groupe E launched in 2014 in partnership with SwissElectricity saw 26 companies receive subsidies totalling nearly CHF 1 million. In 2017, meanwhile, the second incarnation of the Swiss Energy Efficiency Auction distributed over CHF 2,220,000 to 90 participants.

Visit www.sea2018.ch for more details and to sign up.

Münchenstein and Granges-Paccot, 7 May 2018

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